Shinano Akitas - Home

Shinano Akitas - Home

Shinano Akitas are proud to announce that they are the Australian National Breed Score Winners 2009 Number 1 Dog and Number 1 Bitch in Australia  - DOGZONLINE

We at Shinano Akitas breed for Quality not quantity. We are very selective in our breeding program ensuring that only the soundest dogs, exhibiting the correct breed characteristics are used. Excellent temperaments are a must, and we welcome anyone to come and visit our family in their home. We are located in Gisborne, Victoria. ( Australia)

We at Shinano believe that dogs are family members, they need caring and loving for life. We are happy to spend as much time with anyone that has an interest in the Akita, and will assist where we can if help is required. Before purchasing a puppy we recommend that you look at as many Akitas as possible and visit as many breeders as you can. The Akita is a large dog and it is not suited to everyone. Make sure you are selecting the correct breed and dog for your lifestyle.

Puppies are sometimes available to select homes for life.


Akita Breeders Australia
Akita Breeders Victoria


  Shinano Akitas moving from strength to strength

 Shinano Akitas - Home

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